Dry dirt is a carpet's worst enemy, acting like tiny razors that slice away at its fibers, causing premature wearing.  This is especially true of berber carpet.  Because of it's tightly woven design, berber tends to be more susceptible to the abrasive action of tracked-in soil, thus causing it to not wear as well as some other carpet styles.

To help extend the life of your carpets, we apply a top-quality Carpet Protector after every residential cleaning.  Why??  The answer is quite simple, really!

Most carpets, when they leave the factory, are treated with some type of stain resistor:  ScotchGuard, Dupont Teflon, StainMaster or something to that effect.  However, all protectors are temporary coatings that wear off, just like nail polish wears off fingernails.  Once that coating is gone, your carpets are more susceptible to permanent stains because there is no longer anything between the coloring of the spilled item and the vacant dye sites of the carpet.  Therefore, any open dye sites on the strands of carpet fiber have a greater potential to absorb the colorful moisture, which makes it extremely difficult to remove.  

The protector also acts like the Teflon coating in your pans to help keep dry dirt from sticking to the carpet's fibers, which will help to increase the ability of your vacuum to extract the dirt out of the carpet.  Every residential carpet cleaning job that we do comes with a one-year guarantee against most new stains.  Basically, what that boils down to is this:

*  If you spill something on your nice, clean carpet within the first 365 days after we've cleaned it, the FIRST thing we ask you to do is throw away your Resolve, Oxy-Clean or any other other-the-counter carpet spotting products.  Some of them can have an unstable pH levels, which can cause them to either clean a spot just fine, permanently set a red stain, bleach out the carpet or even turn it green!  Instead, we will replace your store bought product with a neutral pH spotter that comes with free refills -- FOR LIFE!

* If that doesn't work, the SECOND thing we ask you to do is to call our office.  Tell us as much about the spill as you can. We will  give you some more ideas on what to do to clean it up.

* If that doesn't work, we will come back out and clean that spot for you -- at NO CHARGE -- within the first 365 days!

* Now ... heaven forbid that you've done such a marvelous job of stain-ing your carpet that even we can't get it back out, under most circumstances, MCE  will refund the cost of your protector application.

However ... we must warn you that MCE is about 99.9% successful at removing spots and spills, so it's almost never necessary to issue a refund to one of our clients -- which means that we've literally got you covered!

One more little tidbit before we go:
It's very seldom that carpet manufacturers issue written warranties with the products that they sell.  If you ask your sales person, you may be able to get something, although your
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best bet is to go directly to the manufacturer's website for warranty information.  Even if you're unable to find any references to carpet warranties, whether from your carpet dealer or on-line, that doesn't mean that the warranty and/or its stipulations don't exist.  In fact, the fastest way(s) to void your carpet's warranty is (1) to allow the carpet to become visibly dirty or (2) to use cleaning methods or products that are not approved by the manufacturer. Regardless of whether or not a carpet's specific issue is related to its cleanliness (i.e. pooling, pre-mature wear patterns, or some other phenomenon), the manufacturer may still choose not to honor its warranty. Therefore, it's wise to be diligent about thoroughly vacuuming your carpets as well as having them professionally cleaned AND protected every 6 - 18 months.