Thank you for your interest in

Sparkle Brite Window Cleaning Service

When we clean windows, we do the most thorough and complete job possible. Our residential prices typically include:

cleaning the inside & outside of all
windows, doors & accessible skylights
cleaning the tracks & frames of all windows
wet washing & conditioning all screens   
wiping off the window sills
sweeping away any adjacent cobwebs

By the time we are done, your windows will literally sparkle!  And if that isn't enough, under normal circumstances, your windows will stay clean for approximately one full year!

As part of our service, about one week prior to your appointment, we will send a letter to remind you of the date and time.  It will also reiterate what you can expect from us and it will tell you what needs to be done to get ready for your best window cleaning ever!

We realize that we are not the cheapest window cleaner around.  But don't forget: we don't cut corners plus we guarantee our work because we care about you, your home and our reputation!  As a result, we carry a full compliment of insurances, for our safety as well as yours! The cut-rate guys seldom, if ever, do! 

Can Your Current Window Cleaner Say All That ?

We believe in being as honest and upfront as possible.  With that having been said, we must include a few disclaimers:

Unfortunately, if your windows have already been damaged due to acid rain, hard water stains, past reckless window cleaners or broken seals, there is very little, if anything, that we can do to remedy these problems.  But you can bet that we will still give it our best shot!

In addition, we do not clean windows in foul weather (rain, snow, high winds, temps below 50° or above 100° for several reasons:

52909 E. Sylvan Way                 Sandy, OR  97055

Office Hours:  Monday thru Thursday  9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Fridays, Evenings, Holidays & Weekends by appointment only
P.S.We clean commercial windows year round --  as the weather permits.
(1)Safety First!  Ladders tend to slide on wet surfaces (decks, grass, dirt, rocks, etc.), which can cause serious injuries.  Obviously, we do not allow our crews to do ladder work during any type of inclement weather.
(2)Our technicians use metal poles while cleaning that could be dangerous -- even deadly -- should we unexpectedly encounter lightening during less than ideal weather conditions.
(3)Quality window cleaning jobs are not cheap.  We cannot take your money for doing a lousy job just because Mother Nature decides to be uncooperative.  So ... if we do get rained out, it will be necessary to re-schedule your window cleaning appointment.

Please understand that this rationale never changes, which means that our window cleaning season does not start before April 15th (often later -- based on weather) and ends on or before September 30th -- depending upon both our schedule and the weather.  We sincerely apologize for an inconvenience that this policy may cause!

If you have questions about any of our cleaning services or if you would like a telephone estimate, please don't hesitate to call.  We'll ask lots of questions about your home's windows and give you the most accurate "guess-timate" possible without visually assessing your job
(operating this way saves us time -- and you money!). 

We look forward to working with you in the near future.
And thanks, again, for choosing Sparkle Brite !
"The disappointment of poor quality
lingers long after the sweetness
of cheap price is forgotten."
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