fee from the total cleaning cost.  If you choose to replace the carpet and purchase it through MCE, we will apply the inspection fee to the cost of the new carpet and installation.   However, if you choose to use another carpet supplier or another carpet cleaning company, the inspection fee will be non-refundable.

MCE will thoroughly clean the top only of the carpet.  Sometimes, but not always, basic cleaning will solve very minor urine issues.  While this is the least expensive option, it is usually the least effective.  We cannot guarantee that any residual urine crystals will not "off-gas" (stink) in the future, should they come in contact with moisture or humidity.

MCE will thoroughly clean the top only of the carpet AND apply a urine treatment product / deodorizer to the areas that we suspect may be contaminated with urine.  Again, for minor urine issues, this method can be quite effective.  Even though urine treatment costs more (a minimum of $59.00 per gallon), we still cannot guarantee that any remaining urine crystals hiding beneath the surface of the carpet -- or in the pad or floor boards -- will not "off-gas" in the future should they come in contact with moisture or humidity.

The only way that MCE -- or any carpet cleaner for that matter -- can truly guarantee the elimination of urine contamination is by following the steps listed below:

» Disengage any contaminated carpet from the wall & tack strips
» Replace all contaminated tack strips with brand new strips
» Completely seal sub-flooring with an oil-based or shellac-based primer
» Replace all damaged pad with brand new pad
(because of its construction, padding will fall apart if cleaned)
» Thoroughly clean the top AND the bottom of all contaminated carpet
» Apply urine treatment to both sides of the carpet
» Re-install clean carpet

Now ... if any other surfaces such as trim molding, wall board or other non-carpet-related areas (doors, cabinets, bedding, furniture, clothing, etc.) have been exposed to urine, it will be imperative that you (or the contractor of your choice) clean and/or replace these materials as well.  We cannot accept responsibility for residual odors that emanate from surfaces that have not been serviced by MCE.

Please note:  Option #3 is a labor-intensive process that requires a great deal of knowledge, time and skill.  If the damaged area is large, it may be more economical, more practical and more effective to install brand new carpet, pad and tack strips in addition to sealing the floor.  That determination and/or recommendation will be made at the time of inspection.  Don't forget that any other surfaces such as trim molding, wall board or other non-carpet-related areas (see above) that have come in contact with urine will still need to be cleaned, sealed and/or replaced to avoid re-contamination of the new carpet and pad.  In other words, don't waste your time, energy and money on new carpet and pad if you don't eliminate ALL of the sources of odor! 
Although it may be tempting, this does Not mean kill the culprit (your pet)!

Just an FYI --
Option #3 is NOT a viable option for carpets that have been permanently glued to the floor.

Also be advised that MCE cannot and will not assume responsibility for subsequent damage caused by pets re-contaminating some or all of the areas that we have serviced.  In other words, if your pet piddles or poohs in the same spots that we have already cleaned, the treatment process starts back at "Square One" and you will be charged accordingly.  Being animal lovers ourselves, we understand how important pets are to a family and we apologize for this sternness.  But MCE will not be penalized for the ineffective training and/or inappropriate actions of household critters.

We hope that this information helps you to make the best decision for you, your carpet, your home, your pet and your budget.  If you have any questions, or if you need additional information, please don't hesitate to call our office.  We will do our very best to completely address each and every inquiry.
However ... just for giggles and grins, let's say that some or all of the carpet in your home has been contaminated by urine, possibly from a dog, cat or other pet that resides there.  When first expelled from the body, liquid urine has an acidic pH level of 7 or lower.  As it dries, it "evolves" into an alkaline crystal, with a pH level higher than 7.  (Seven is considered to be a "neutral" pH level.)

If a large concentration of urine exists, then the odor will be very strong and offensive most of the time.  Some dogs -- especially larger ones -- can piddle as much as 1/2 gallon per "accident".  If your large dog piddles an average of once per week, that could easily add up to more than 25 gallons of urine fermenting in your carpet over a 1-year period.  YIKES!!!

Cats, on the other hand, generally do not produce such a high volume of urine. But, because they are considered "desert animals", their urine is significantly more concentrated and more potent than dogs or other small pets.  This is especially true of males.

If the concentration of urine is low, it may not be detectable all of the time, although   Obviously, the smell will be at its worst when the house is closed up.  Still, if the amount of urine in the carpet in negligible, the ammonia-type odor may only be obvious when the relativel humidity is high or when a contaminated portion of the carpet is wet (from cleaning, from spills or from a re-marking of the area).  In other words, the smell becomes more apparent when  moisture attaches itself to the alkaline crystals embedded in the carpet, which then creates a chemical reaction called "off-gassing" (i.e. gives off a strong, ammonia-type odor).  Obviously, some people are more sensitive to certain smells than are others, which explains why some noses detect odors that other noses are oblivious to.

In an attempt to resolve or possibly eliminate a urine problem, there are several ways that you could proceed.  So that you can make the most informed decision possible, we ask that you please read each of the following options very carefully.

MCE will inspect the carpet to determine where the urine that is residing, as well as the approximate amount.  After our inspection is complete, we will inform you of the extent of the damage and suggest which option is most likely to resolve the problem. Should you decide to have the carpets cleaned and/or treated by MIRACLE CLEAN ENTERPRISES, we will deduct the inspection

No doubt that this page will contain more information than you would ever care to know about urine, some of its chemical properties and the effects it can have on your carpet and your home. Still ... if you have pets, then you may need to refer to this sheet every once in a while.  However if you're lucky enough to have perfect "Little Angels" for pets, then you may never need this information.

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